Friday, October 3, 2008

Five for Friday

1. It's been a while....I guess the craziness of everything starting back up again in September threw me for a loop and this, unfortunately, got lost in the apologies...I've missed being here :) Besides school starting, we've started up with soccer, MOPS, and scooters again. Just when you think life's going to slow down a little, it starts speeding up again.

2. A few weeks ago, I had to run into the store for just a few things and had one of those moster carts where 2 kids can sit in the front together. Well, running into the store for a few things with 3 kids translates into an ordeal. Looking for specific products that you can't find becomes extremely stressful and the lines always move slower. than. you. think. they. should.

By the time I finished up and had all the kids packed back into the car, I was tempted to leave my monster cart rather than truck it to the cart corral. Instead, I saw 2 young high school/college age boys walking toward the store and I asked them if they wouldn't mind taking the cart back for me. Without hesitation, they said, YES, and after thanking them profusely, I sat in the car and thought to myself, "Their moms would be proud!" And then I thought, "I hope my boys would offer to help someone out when they get older..."

3. We've been enjoying some beautiful fall weather. Spending lots of time playing outside and then it's been cool enough for us to have a couple of campfires in the backyard. The kids LOVE this because campfire usually means smores in our house. The last one we had, we had a visitor. The bull from the Amish farm behind our house decided to join us, so of course, I had to run in and grab my camera. It was a little unnerving to think that all that separated us was a measly little wire fence with one little electric pulse running through the top wire. Never had that happen before!

4. We have a little dilemma around here. Nathan will be 2 in less than a month and he only says a handful of words. No, I'm not really worried about that part, though....he is the 3rd born, was a preemie, and I know he'll catch up. The problem is that he's been saying a new word that we can't quite figure out. It sounds like it might be rock or book, because he says it a lot at bedtime when we're in the rocking chair. The real problem is that he's been saying it ALL the time now and it doesn't quite sound like it should. It kind of sounds like a not so nice word that starts with F. Mind you, he does not hear that word EVER, so we know he's not repeating it. However, the general public does not know that and it's a little embarassing when we're at storytime at the library and he just keeps repeating it. Ah, well....the joys of parenthood.

5. Mark thought he had a cold last week. When he was telling me this, Ryan chimed in, "Daddy, is your cold inside or outside?" :)