Monday, August 19, 2013

24 years and counting....

So, this summer is almost over.  My sisters and I have been pretty dedicated to helping my dad clean out his house a bit [now THAT'S an understatement if I ever saw one...but we won't go there].  

We've come across some real gems as we go, but this is my favorite thus far:

Let me give you a minute to take that in....

the high hair (on both of us)

the Mr. T gold chains

the caterpillar eyebrows

the mullet

the skinny, toned arms

the shoulder pads

did you notice the high hair???


This was July 1990.

Our 1 year dating anniversary.

I was 15, almost 16.

Mark was 18(!) 
What were my parents thinking?!?

We went out to a really fancy dinner to a restaurant that no longer exists and I tried fried shrimp for the first time.  Crazy to think that this was 23 years ago.  I remember I had to have just the right outfit and going out shopping with my mom for this lovely white one.  HA!  

Too can stop giggling now.