Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Well, I have some catching up to do. It's been a while and I can't figure out why I haven't had the chance to sit down and blog. I've had lots to blog about, but I guess no time to do it.

Last Tuesday, we had the privilege of taking a day trip to the beach with my wonderful mother-in-law, Bern. She wanted to treat us - and boy, did we have fun! We spent the day playing in the sand and splashing in the water. Then we showered and went up to the boardwalk for pizza and rides. Evan & Ryan had a blast on the rides - Ryan had NO fear - he even wanted to ride on the little roller coaster and almost met the height requirement - poor little man cried because he was too short. [Gosh, I hope he grows soon :)] Nathan was content to hang out and watch from his comfy stroller seat. They enjoyed ice cream and blue cotton candy to end the evening. We didn't get home until midnight!! :) They were so wiped out, they didn't wake up until 9:00 the next day [maybe I should do that every night] Thank you so much, Bern! We had a blast! Here's a few pics of our "adventure" as we called it:

Today, we went to the park where they've started their summer preschool program. It's a weekly event through August and it's FREE - gotta love that! We saw a magic show, which was part comedy act and part balloon animal tricks. I think the kids liked it - most of the comedy was for the moms :) Afterwards, we had lunch and played on the playground with our friends. We were the last ones there [it was so stinking hot!] Hoping the kids sleep well tonight!

IMITATION CROC UPDATE....the last lost shoe has been found. In the playroom. On the floor. With all the millions [o.k., maybe I'm exaggerating, but not much] of toys. You may be asking yourself why it took us over 2 weeks to uncover it there ~ drum roll, please ~ I've given up cleaning the room because it stays clean for about 2 seconds. There - I said it :) O.K. Maybe not given up completely...every once in a while we clean up to vaccuum, but that's the extent of it...

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Chrispea said...

Your boys are adorable! And happy anniversary!!