Monday, September 7, 2009

Week of Firsts

Well, last week was a week of firsts for all of us.
My first day back to working fulltime in four years.
Evan's first day of first grade.
He rides the bus and has a snack and lunch at school everyday!
Ryan's first day of full day preschool.
When you ask him what he did in school,
he says, "I had two nacks and lunch. I went outside to play two times. I took a nap."
Nathan's first day at the babysitter without his older brothers.
Mark's first quiet day at home in the last four years! :) hahahaha!

Everyone seems to be adjusting well to the new routine. I'm still trying to figure out when I can have time to myself [what's that?!?] but we'll work it out. I've been craving some scrapbooking time, but haven't figured out when that will happen yet.
Nathan is the only one I'm slightly worried about. We went upstairs to go to bed Thursday night and this is what we found at the top of the steps:

Nathan had carried all his stuffed animals, his pillow, and his blankets out of his crib and plopped himself at the top of the stairs to sleep. We're not sure why he didn't come downstairs, but the poor kid almost got crushed by Mark's foot! He also climbed into our bed twice last week ~ something he's rarely done before....SO, he's feeling a little out of sorts. Hopefully, it will just get easier for him as this becomes our new routine.


Kristin said...

I had been thinking about you and wondering how your transition would go. I'm glad to hear that it is going well so far. Don't worry you will find time to just may look a little differently and may be in small spurts.

And that photo of Nathan is sooo cute. My bottom lip stuck out as soon as I saw it!

Cindi said...

I wish my day was like "I had two nacks and lunch. I went outside to play two times. I took a nap."