Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Christmas Past

Christmas has come and gone....all that preparation....all that planning...all that fun....gone for another year.

I got the Christmas cards mailed.

I got the Christmas cookies baked ~ and they were some of my best yet, if I do say so myself!

I got the Christmas presents bought and wrapped.

Everything was accomplished.
And great fun was had by all.
I hope you enjoyed the Christmas season with your loved ones as we did.


Annie Fiskateer #1326/SCDT member said...

I wanted to thank you for joining us on the Scrapbook Challenges New Years blog hop. Also for leaving me such a wonderful comment on my blog & following me. I do appreciate it very much.

I hope you will continue to play with us over on Scrapbook Challenges - we have a lot of great thing coming up this year & visiting my blog. :)

Megan said...

great pictures amy! Hard to believe that another christmas has come & gone! Remember when we were little & the magic seemed to last forever?! I would love to experience that feeling again...

Megan said...

btw - in the picture of all the cousins...ryan & ava look like twins!