Friday, February 5, 2010

So Sweet

I know it's February and Christmas was over a month ago, but I have to blog this story so that I never forget. It's a story of love so maybe it is appropo for February....

A few weeks before Christmas, we were all out shopping as a family. I had to run into Joann's for some crafty things, so Mark took the older boys to a department store next door. When he got them inside the store, he asked them what they wanted to get me for Christmas. Evan immediately answered, "A necklace," and Ryan agreed, so they headed for the jewelry counter.

After some deliberation and lots of ooooohhing and ahhhing from every lady in the store, they picked a silver necklace with a silver charm. The charm has three connected ovals, small, medium, and large, with diamond chips in each one [I really need to take a picture of it!]


Mark told me that they decided on this charm because they decided that each oval represented each one of them - is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard?

On Christmas morning, the boys were excited about their presents, but they insisted that I open my gift from them before they opened anything. The above photo shows Ryan and Evan handing me the box. Needless to say, I opened it with tears in my eyes.

These boys never fail to surprise me ~ not just with gifts but with the amount of unselfish love their precious hearts really do contain. I'll never forget this special gift.

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Mama Abby said...

this is absolutely priceless and precious and I DO want to see a picture of the necklace...yes, you are good to record it!