Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ryan came home last week on "Yellow" on his behavior chart with this handwritten note from his teacher:

"He was calling another classmate 'potty' names."

I immediately run through all the possibilities of what 'potty' names could be. Ryan denies each option and conveniently can NOT remember ANY details of this event....

That is, until I sent him to his room to think about it.

After his think time was over, I asked him again what 'potty' name he called a little boy in his class.

His answer: Toilet

Secretly relieved that it wasn't something worse, but still upset with him,
my response: Really!?! Ryan, why would you ever call someone a toilet?

Fast forward to this week...

I had to email Ryan's teacher about another left behind/lost sweatshirt - we're going on 3 now and it's only October! - and I happened to mention Ryan's confession. Out of curiousity, I asked her if what he told us was true.

Lo and behold, it was not. I know, you're shocked!

She wrote "he called John a poopyhead or something to that effect."


I guess I should look on the bright side....
he understands synonyms.

Every reading teacher's dream...lucky me.

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