Thursday, June 2, 2011

i {heart} this app

Have I told you how much I love my iphone?? 

Yes, I am a true convert.

Can't. put. it. down. 
Mark is ready to commit me ~ hee-hee!

Anyway, while browsing apps in the app store [LOVE saying that], I came across this great app for all you lovers of crafts out there.  It's called "Craftgawker."  Their tagline is "look to inspire"...I don't know what I LOVE more, the app or that!!!  :)

Here's the premise...

Crafty people [you know who you are] post photos of their latest and greatest and us gawkers get to check it out and create a 'favorites' list.  The photos link back to websites where the crafter gives a tutorial or shares something crafty.  Isn't that fun!?!

I finally checked out their website tonight and guess what?!? 

There are more gawker sites/apps to be had!

I cannot wait to check out the dwelling gawker!!

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