Thursday, September 12, 2013


We have traveled down the road of contact lenses with Evan.

Yes, he's only 10.
Yes, he's a boy.
Yes, we're gluttons for punishment.

After careful consideration a momentary lapse of judgment, we decided that with the amount of sports Evan plays, we should consider trying contacts.  He can't exactly wear his glasses on the wrestling mat.  SO, a trip to the eye doctor, a contact lens fitting, and 3 [yes, I said 3] lenses later, we are on a roll.

He can wear a regular old disposable lens in one eye, but the other eye...not so much.

Astigmatism = Lots of $ and a really thick weighted lens [BOO!]

Thank goodness the ripped lens was the cheaper version - and it happened on only day 2.  Evan has gotten really good at taking his lenses out but mom still needs to help him get them in.  The eye doctor told me I was enabling him.  Oh, well.  I will pick my battles.

And tonight while sitting in front of my computer, I had a brief moment of panic that Evan went to bed with his contacts in.  I flew upstairs imagining him rubbing his eyes in his sleep and scratching his cornea, or worse yet, ripping the uber-expensive lens.

I flipped on his light and woke him up.  Only to find out that my 10 year old son was responsible enough to remember to take the lenses out and put them safely away in their case all. by. himself!

My little boy is growing up [sniff...sniff...]

Now if I could just get him to pick up his dirty clothes off the bathroom floor and his wet towel off his bedroom rug, we'd be all set...

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