Thursday, August 9, 2007

Peas & Na Nu

Ryan, who just turned 2, has suddenly begun "talking" up a storm. (We were actually worried about him for a while there) He has become SO polite. He always says please "peas" when he asks for something - "Apple juice, peas." And then comes "Na Nu, Mommy" - thank you. How sweet! Now if we could just work on the messy eating thing!! Somehow, he manages to cover the table in his food - he has even thrown his utensils over the 1/2 wall into the family room. Maybe we should sign him up for baseball...

In this pic, I think he had mushed up a donut, mixed it with his applesauce, and then put his messy hands on his head, hence the "up-do." This morning, I made the mistake - AGAIN!- of bending down to pick up cheerios around his chair while he was still strapped in, giving him the glorious opportunity to grab my hair with his sticky honey-covered fingers. LOVELY! "Ryan, PEAS don't pull mommy's hair!"

Evan has turned into such a little helper lately. He loves helping vaccuum, dust, and he'll even jump at the chance to do the windows if he sees the Windex out. This past weekend, he helped Mark wash the trucks and clean the inside, too. It may not be perfect, but who cares!?! Last night, he gave me a huge hand and spoon-fed Nathan his dinner. What a great big brother :) (most of the time)

Nathan is teething - need I say more? My normally easy-going, smiley guy has not been himself. Yesterday, he took a whole 20 minute nap - ALL DAY! This too shall pass...and I'll wonder where the time went.
Gotta remember to always be "NA"-ful for this precious time I have with my boys - and that saying peas and na-nu will usually get you what you want :)

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Megan said...

Love the picture of Ryan - it reminds me of Michael's Cranberry Sauce "Mousse" when he was Ryan's age.