Friday, October 26, 2007

The Abyss

Everyone has one, right?? That one place in the house that things disappear into and never seem to be found again. It might be the dryer, the junk drawer, an entire room (or rooms - I've seen it happen), or, in my case, a hole in the floor. Technically, I guess it's really not a hole in the floor - it's a heating vent without a cover. You know - the old "take the baseboards off to paint the room and replace them later" trick. But it's been almost 2 years now....gotta love it!

With 3 little monkeys, many things have disappeared down into our abyss. I know there's several balls down there and matchbox cars I couldn't reach. Probably lots of other interesting items that Mark will find when he opens the duct from the basement crawl space. The other day, I had noticed that the matchbox car case was empty and I couldn't seem to find more than 1 or 2 cars lying around. Ryan led me to the abyss and said, "Down here, Mom." Notice the MOM, not MOMMY, btw.

Well, I stuck my hand down there and proceeded to pull out 18, yes 18!, cars! No wonder I couldn't find any! Ryan thought this was so funny when I kept reaching down and bringing up another handful. I actually think there's a few more there that I just couldn't reach. I was afraid that my arm was going to get stuck in the vent ~ and that would be a whole other story!

I guess I know where to start looking the next time something goes missing around here...

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