Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nathan is 1!

We celebrated Nathan's 1st birthday, which was November 1, with a family party with a twist. It was supposed to be at our house, but Mark was sick with a stomach bug for 5 days (!) and we didn't want to expose anyone to his germs. SO, I took the party to my parent's house minus Mark :( And some people still didn't want to come because they were afraid of the germs the rest of us might be carrying :) WIMPS! :) Just kidding ~ but when Nathan looks back at his 1st birthday party pics, he'll wonder where you all were....

We decided to go with the whole "smiley face" theme since Nathan is our smiley guy. He was so sweet. Was completely unsure of the cake, but after I put some icing in his mouth, he was all over it. He got into opening the gifts, too, which was fun. Will make for a fun Christmas morning at our house.

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Megan said...

Sorry we missed it! Won't he wonder where Mark was, too?? It's a shame you couldn't have postponed it. :) Love ya! Happy Birthday Nathan - guy smiley!