Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh....(followed up with knowing looks)

Why is it that every - and I mean, EVERY - time Mark or I tell someone that we have 3 boys, we get the SAME reaction:

" must be very busy at your house" - usually this is accompanied by a look that's somewhere between sympathy and anxiety.

I wonder if parents of 3 girls get the same reaction?

I'm guessing not.


Melissa~ said...

I only have *2* boys and I get that look...but sometimes I give *myself* that*LOL*...boys are just one of a kind little amazing guys...I do think I feel more sorry for moms of girls though...can you imagine how long it takes them to go anywhere??? *LOL*

Pink Paper Peppermints

Cassie said...

I bet they'll get those looks when the 3 girls hit the teen years!

Megan said...

I get the same looks, with 1 girl & 2 boys. People think anything more than 2 kids is crazy anymore. Especially if they're balls of energy like boys are. :)