Friday, September 5, 2008

Five Firsts for Friday


1. FIRST day of kindergarten:

Evan loved his first week of kindergarten. He loved his teachers and had fun having music, art, and library. He didn't cry at all ~ but mommy & daddy shed a little tear when he climbed on that bus for the first time and didn't even look back...

2. FIRST bus ride:

3. FIRST few days of babysitting our neighbor's children:

K has already been recruited to the "No Crust Planet" super hero team...

4. FIRST banana cream pie:

5. FIRST mustache:

"Mommy, look what I drew."

Thank goodness for washable markers :)


Kristin said...

How cute do they look! I'm so glad to hear that it looks like everyone is ready for the school year.

Cassie said...

What a funny bus company name! I would laugh when it pulled up, too.
He looks so cute all ready for school.