Thursday, August 6, 2009

Literacy Coach...

....yes, that's me.

Starting the end of this month, I will be back in a school district as a 3rd & 4th grade literacy coach. I am really excited about the opportunity. ALL of my teaching experience is in 3rd grade and although I've had my masters degree in reading for 7(!) years, I've not used it yet. I feel like this job is the PERFECT fit.

I will be teaching 2 skills groups 2 hours/day and then the rest of my time will be spent supporting the classroom teachers either through co-teaching, modeling, or professional development. My principal seems like a wonderful person to work alongside and the teachers I met in the interview immediately made me feel comfortable.

Remember this post?

Yeah.....well, God was [IS] in control and had something better planned for me all along.

Let's see.....

this only 20 minutes away from home.
.....gave me credit for my 9 years of teaching experience
.....allows me to use my degree without the stress of having
my own classroom [no report cards, no grading papers] a $14,000 raise from the last time I was teaching ~ 4 years ago!!
.....allows me to be home when my own kids are home
.....was offered to me after only 1 (!) interview

I DO have mixed emotions about being away from my boys every day. It will be a huge adjustment for all of us. But, at the same time, I think we'll spend the time we have together much more wisely. I feel that God has blessed me with this opportunity and things will work out for the best. Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes!


Kristin said...

Amy that sounds just WONDERFUL! I'm sure it will be an adjustment but I think you are spend your time differently when you are together. Hopefully it is a smooth transition. Huge Congrats!

Chrispea said...

Yeah, that's awesome!! I always say everything happens for a reason!!

Pamela said...

Sounds great! Good luck with the change!!!!

Cyn said...

CONGRATS and I'll be praying for a smooth transition for everyone as you begin this new journey!