Saturday, September 25, 2010


Remember this post?

Well, Ryan was "till" having trouble with his S blends this summer.

I wasn't going to "weat" it until he "tarted" kindergarten. I figured from everything I'd read it was a developmental thing and if he was really in jeopardy, his teacher would pick up on it and recommend him for "peech" therapy.

A week or so before "cool" "tarted," we were sitting at the dinner table.

Ryan was especially tired and grouchy.

Mark asked him,"Where'd we find you?" [a favorite question in our house]

Ryan continued to pout.

I chimed in with, "Yeah, Ryan. Did we find you in the garbage can? [shameless Sesame Street/Oscar the Grouch reference] Say 'scram!"

To our surprise and amazement, Ryan looked at us and said, "SCRAM!" with the SCR- and all!!!

We all about fell off our chairs.

Mark and I looked at each other across the table and I exclaimed, "It's a MIRACLE!"

At this point, Ryan was smiling as we continued to make a HUGE deal out of his apparent speech miracle. I continued to quiz him, having him repeat word after word to see if it was, in fact, true, and not a fluke.

After a stream of words like:



ice cream with sprinkles [one of our favorite lines without the S blends!]





we decided Ryan was cured!

Don't know how, but we'll take it :)

"Niff, niff."
Our little boy is growing up...


Jill McLaughlin said...

i LOVE this post!!! How "tweet"

Kim said...

I am going to miss Ryan talking about "cool" and all of his other "tuff" he likes to chat about :) He is getting too big!!!!

Kim said...

Although, I must a therapist, I am proud of his developmental accomplishment :) I love that little guy so much!!!