Monday, September 13, 2010

first day of school

Today marks the beginning of our third week of school.

32 packed lunches

24 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

$81 to various causes

a billion and one papers signed and returned

2 boxes of crayons

2 boxes of markers

1 pair of scissors

1 bus warning

3 classroom warnings

8 days down

182 to go

Here's the trio on the first day. Even Nathan had to have his backpack on like his big brothers. No school for him until next year.

My big kindergartner was so excited and so brave. Ryan couldn't wait to ride the bus with Evan. I don't know why, but I was more nervous this time around. I don't know why. Evan handled the bus on his own when it was his turn for kindergarten. I kept reminding Evan to sit with Ryan and make sure he behaved and got off when he was supposed to (they are in different buildings).

Evan took his big brother duties seriously. Here they are holding hands as the bus pulled up. Isn't that cute?

Bye-bye boys! Mommy managed to wave and smile. Then when I got in the car to head to my own school, I must admit I wiped away a few tears. I can't believe my middle baby is going to school ALL day long. Where does the time go?

I'm so glad the buses run a little late the first day. I was able to meet the bus and catch the big boys jumping off the bus. I couldn't wait to hear about their days.
M: What was your favorite part of the day, Ryan?
R: Lunch and recess.
It's going to be a long year...


Betsy said...

Love your stories. The pictures are so cute. Only 182 days to go!!
Love, Mom

Cindi said...

LOVE the pics!