Tuesday, November 30, 2010

life by numbers

19 = number of days since my last blogpost (sorry!)

25 = days until Christmas

12 = days until my latest metacognitive research review is due
(sounds like a good time, doesn't it?)

6 = number of pies baked at our annual pie-baking extravaganza Wednesday before Thanksgiving

7 = number of mini-pies baked by my boys and their cousins

3 = number of pumpkin rolls baked for Thanksgiving festivities

4 + 1 = days we just had off for Thanksgiving
~ LOVE the bonus "1st day of hunting season" day off

7 = hours spent shopping by myself yesterday with ALL 3 BOYS!

2 = number of meals we ate out while said shopping

4 = number of Free Frosty coupons we cashed in at the end of the long day of shopping to treat ourselves for our good behavior ~ even Mommy :)
3 ~give or take an hour~ = number of hours spent trying to tweak a Christmas card template (curse you, Photoshop!)

Billion + 1 = number of things I feel need to be done this time of year!

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