Sunday, March 13, 2011

hole-y day

Our couches are 11 years old.
They have served us well and are still pretty darn comfy to sit on.
The boys enjoy destroying jumping on them.
If they still sold the same exact couch in the same exact pattern,
I'd choose them again.

the cushions are a bit smushy
and have to be fluffed quite a bit.
There are so many stains on the cushions
that we no longer have a "good" side.
And the holes...oh, the holes.

Holes in the arms.
Holes in the seams.
Holes in the pillows.

The plan was to buy a new sectional
as Mark's and my Christmas presents
to each other.
But, with other Christmas expenses
and the cost of necessities on the rise,
that plan has been put
on the back burner,

I can live with what we have, right?

Today, I reached my breaking point with the pillows.
Half of them have found a new home
in the playroom and the other half
are being trashed.

I found these today at Target
and for less than $100,
I gave my old, tired furniture
a little facelift.

Mark said it's like putting lipstick on a pig,
but they made me happy.

And I almost don't notice the holes.


Danielle said...

I relate, sadly. Our couch is 12.5 and I don't think the teen years are going to be pretty :)

Megan said...

I love the pillows Amy! I think they give it a nice pick-me-up! :)