Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's great to be eight!

I cannot believe my first-born is eight years old today.....
well, not officially until 8:47 p.m., but still. 
Where does the time go?
It flies, that's for sure!

It's hard to believe this big second grader was once a 10 lb 5 oz (!!) newborn babe!

Evan celebrated being eight by taking Rice Krispie treats to school. 
Then, for dinner, he requested chicken pockets
followed by blueberry coffee cake with strawberry ice cream. 

Here are some facts about our BIG 8 year old...

Number of missing teeth: 7

Number of Happy Birthday calls received today: 4

And a list of favorites....
sport: baseball and football
book: Curious George
movie: Megamind
TV show: Phineas & Ferb
food: chicken nuggets & mac & cheese
color: blue
teams: Phillies & Eagles
outside activity: playing baseball
Wii game: Super Mario Brothers

Evan, mom and dad are very proud of the smart, thoughtful boy you have grown up to be. 
We pray that you continue to grow into the young man God imagined you'd be way before you were even born. 

We love you higher than the sky!
Happy Birthday, Monkeyhead!

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