Saturday, April 2, 2011


i like to twirl my hair.....always have and always will.

i am a picker.  there, i admitted it [mom].  i like to pick at things myself, especially zits, my dry cuticles, and occassionally my toe nails.  i think it's a trait i inherited from both sides of the family.

i must sleep on my back.

i prefer ice cream over cake any day.

i have to have my cereal in the morning.

i would drink homemade iced tea all day every day if i could.

i wish kids parents people saw the intrinsic value of reading.

i snort when i laugh.  it's hereditary.  my sisters do it, my mom does it, my grandmom did it.  i don't do it to be cute or to be annoying.  it just happens.  get over it.

i am somewhat of a perfectionist.  if i can't do something perfectly, i sometimes give up entirely.  i'm working on that.

i must have something sweet to eat after every meal except breakfast.

i stay up too late and always regret it in the morning.  yet, i continue to stay up late. 

i don't need a billion friends, just a couple of really great ones.

i like to get goofy with my friends.  you know, the make a fool of yourself kind of goofy.  only my really great friends see this side of me.

i rarely floss my teeth.  in fact, i only began flossing my teeth a few times a week in the last few years. 

i also only brush my teeth before bed.  i have always hated how the taste of toothpaste makes breakfast and juice and coffee taste weird.  and no, i do not have a mouthful of cavities.  just a few. 

i've never made a turkey, a meatloaf, or a ham. 

i like to make people laugh. 

i am hairy and i hate it.  i have more hair on my body than my husband.  that's just not fair.

i think i would consider home-schooling my boys if i didn't have to work.  thank goodness i have to work right now ;)

i am polite.  there's no reason not to be and it boggles my mind when people can't even be courteous and/or friendly.

i am blessed beyond measure and yet i still need to remind myself of that daily.
i'm working on that,too.


Betsy said...

That's my girl! Love you!

Abby said...

oh, i love this and knowing some of these from freshman year! i remember the snorting and picking i think;) and loved learning more anyway...

we have been traveling for support and were up in PA, but traveling back was a school day, though it KILLED me...but maybe you were on break, oh! i can't know!

Ames, i so much want to see you before we move! sending you hugs:-)