Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a letter

Dear Phillies,

We are a family of baseball fans with three boys.  Boys who want to grow up and play baseball just like you.  Boys who want to spend their precious summer evenings and Saturday afternoons watching you play.  Boys who want their parents to take them to watch you play in person.

However, I find it a sad state of affairs that it will cost us a small fortune to take our family of five to Citizens Bank Park to watch a live game.  Sitting in the upper level in right field would cost us about $150 plus parking $20+, not to mention the outrageously priced snacks the kids will beg us for.  These are decent seats, but no where close to the field where the kids could be entertained by the Phillie Phanatic...

So, we've resigned ourselves to watching the game on tv.  Recently, my 8 year old son gave up a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to watch a 4:00 game, only to be affronted by a Viagra commercial.  Really!?!  Is it absolutely necessary to air a Viagra commercial in the middle of an afternoon baseball game?  With statements about "being healthy enough for s*x" and "having an er**tion," I'm guessing NO!   This wonderful commercial was followed by an R-rated movie trailer.  Just keeps getting better. 

What are we to do?  We can't afford to take our family to the game and watching it on tv has become a hazard in and of itself.  I'm disappointed.

The Phillies organization should take these issues into consideration if they want to create and keep lifelong fans of baseball.  The next generation of baseball fans is just as important as the current one.

A Phanatic Mom

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fatherknowsbest said...

Here, Here!! Well said......