Wednesday, March 7, 2012

procrastination...what's that?

so apparently next week is known in some circles as "National Procrastination Week."

the blog where i read this went on to say that procrastination is due to lack of organization. i beg to differ. in fact, i would argue that procrastination is not a result of disorganization, but a lack of knowing where to begin. the ol' looming deadline is usually what prompts me to do my best thinking, my most fluent writing, and get my creative juices flowing. some of my most creative ideas and my most prolific writing has come to me at the eleventh hour. and i'm okay with that.

however, i do believe that procrastination and laziness could be distant cousins.

i will admit that i have procrastinated about things i just don't feel like doing:

eating right...
cleaning the bathroom...
finishing that project...
going through the overwhelming stack of papers on the desk in the kitchen...

in these cases, i would venture to say that sometimes putting off the task at hand is due to lack of motivation laziness.

and then i typically get frustrated that i am not accomplishing what i wish to accomplish.

i have decided that the only person who can do anything to change this pattern of self-defeating behavior is me.

so, instead of procrastinating, i've started exercising. yeah, i only jogged/walked a little over a mile twice last week, but that's more than i did the week before, which was nothing! last night, i sat and journaled on a stack of scrapbooking pages that i'd been piling up for a while. oh, and look, i am actually blogging!

i like to say that i put the "pro" in procrastinate.
and that's okay sometimes.

as for "National Procrastination Week?"
all i have to say is at least i didn't procrastinate writing this blogpost! ha!

take that, procrastination!

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Melissa said...


I was hoping you were still blogging when I got back! I really needed to hear this. A little is better than none, yes. Thank you for not procrastinating this!

♥ Melissa~