Tuesday, March 13, 2012

root beer

nathan: root beer makes my eyes tickle because of all the fuzz inside.

speaking of root beer, we were out to dinner recently and the kids’ meals came with a cup of ice cream as a dessert at the end. now, i’m not complaining about the ‘free’ ice cream cup, but it is a bit lame in terms of restaurant desserts. we’re not talking scooped ice cream in a cup, we’re talking a plastic cup filled with half vanilla, half chocolate, with a paper pull-off lid cup of ice cream.

so to jazz it up a bit, i had the [brilliant] idea to ask the waiter to refill the boys’ lemonade [free refills] with root beer. we scooped our ice cream cups into our root beers and voila! root beer floats!

why didn’t i think of this before??

the kids loved it.

we could put the lids on their cups and leave if we wanted [dessert-to-go].

and, we didn’t have to pay extra for a special dessert.


next time, we might try a coke float or an orange float….yum!


Cindi said...

He's so stinkin' cute!

cassie said...

what a great idea, I love me a good root beer float!