Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Last Kindergarten Program

Last week, Nathan had his end of the year kindergarten sharing program.  His school does not have a silly graduation ceremony.  [I mean, really, why do we get these kids' hopes up that they're graduating when they really have at least 12 more years ahead of them???]  Instead, the music teacher, the art teacher, the librarian, and the gym teacher all collaborate and have each kindergarten class share something special.

I love how the music teacher, Mrs. Farber, pulls literacy into the music room by incorporating a story with music.  She had every single student in Nathan's class on stage participating in the music that accompanied the story.  Very cool!

Then we had the opportunity to see Nathan's artwork displayed in the hallways and went back to his class for refreshments.  I absolutely LOVE his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hamilton, and her assistant, Mrs. Estes.  This is our second round of having them for kindergarten and also our last!  They put together a personalized memory book for each and every student that included pictures they drew of themselves at the beginning of the year and now, as well as photographs of the many special events throughout the year.  What a wonderful keepsake.

I cannot believe my baby is moving onto first grade within the next week!  Time sure does fly!

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