Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ryan Time

I know, I know....last week I was saying that I needed a little "Non-Ryan Time" in my day. And it was true. He was truly driving me nuts!

And vacation wasn't much different. He was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 5:45 am E-V-E-R-Y S-I-N-G-L-E day....I'm tired just thinking about it.

He has continued this early rising since we've been home - JOY! - but I've managed to convince him to snuggle up in our bed and go back to sleep. This morning, he let me [I say "let" because he's never been much of a cuddlebug] hold him in my arms and we went back to sleep until 7:30. Even though this boy drives me crazy, I love him to death and this time was precious.

Yes, I know our eyes were closed and we weren't interacting. It doesn't matter. I think we both needed that time together - time when Ryan is just Ryan - not Ryan the younger brother or the older brother [a.k.a. Ryan the stinker]. Time when I hope he realizes his mommy loves him higher than the sky and wouldn't trade him for the world.

P.S. I'll post vacation pictures later this week :)


Kristin said...

Sounds like your little guy has been hanging out with my little guy. It's a good thing they are cute, otherwise Colin may have been thrown out the window. (well not really, but at least a VERY long time out). Hope you had a nice vacation!

Audrey in Ridley, PA said...

Hi Amy,
Just saw the link to your blog through a post on the message board and wanted to stop and say "hi". Looks like I won't make it to the crop at FCW but hope to meet you at CKC. Your little guys are adorable by the way! I'm a SAHM now too, but was formerly a first grade teacher at a Catholic school in UpperDarby. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Cassie said...

just stopped over to say hello and see what you've been up to. I'm starting to get excited about our classes at CKC even though it's 6 or so weeks away.