Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Neighbors (sort of)

So my little brother [my ONLY brother] got married about 6 weeks ago.

This is the little brother who I crawled under the kitchen table and cried in horror about when my parents told us they were having another baby.
Not because I didn't want another sibling [I've got 2 sisters, too], but because at this point I had an idea of how that baby got into my mom's belly and the thought that my parents did THAT was horrifying [I was 8].
This is the little brother whose diapers I helped change and who endured rides up and down the street on top of a pillow in a wagon as an infant [what were you thinking, mom??]

This is the little brother whom I nicknamed "peach fuzz" due to his soft little bald head.

This is the little brother who was only 5 years old when Mark and I started dating. He told Mark once that he wanted to marry him. I believe this was after he told my parents he wanted to be a fire truck. :)

This is the little brother who was a shrimp growing up but now towers over all of us, even my dad. Not a huge feat, since I'm the tallest sister at 5'4", but I'm glad he got the tall genes.

This is the little brother who was only 8 years old when I went to college and only 13 when I got married.

This is the little brother whom I've gotten to know better know that we're older and our almost 9 year age difference doesn't matter so much.

This is the little brother whom I love and am so happy for...

His wife, Kim, is a sweetheart [and I'm not just saying that because she reads my blog :)] She fits right in with our crazy family and we love her dearly. Congratulations, Michael and Kim!!

They just moved to Pennsylvania this weekend and I'm so excited that they're neighbors (sort of).

Thought I'd share some of my favorite photos from their beautiful wedding weekend in Kingston, Tennessee:

If you haven't seen enough here OR if you enjoy artsy wedding photographs, you should check out their professional proofs. Just type in the password 102508. I love how the photographer tells a story with her photos....

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motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

the pictures are great!!!

It is amazing how quickly our lives go by us.

I am getting excited for my new (sort of) neighbors, too. My parents retire in the spring and bought a house in Audubon PA (12 miles away for us) and my children will actually get to see their grandparents when ever they want...

Your boys are just too cute....