Friday, January 30, 2009

4:45 a.m.

So, Nathan has an entourage he takes to bed with him every night. They include [but are not limited to] his Mr. Monkey, his blanket,
and his Stretch and Fun Elmo, which giggles, talks, and makes funny noises when you pull on his arms and legs.

I awoke at 4:45 a.m. for some reason and I could faintly hear Elmo giggling. He was also talking: "WHOAAA" "Elmo needs a good stretch" " Much better"......

I listened to see if it would stop, but it continued. I couldn't figure out how Nathan was sleeping through this, so I got up to turn Elmo off. I got to Nathan's door and listened again.

Elmo's voice was not coming from his room. It was coming from downstairs. CREEPY, right???? I mean, the thing is not supposed to make noise unless you're pulling on his arms and legs!

Yeah, I'm a big wimp, too. There was NO way I was going downstairs to hunt for Elmo and find who knows what!?!

I woke up Mark and sent him down instead. :)

All is well.

I love my husband. :)
He's my hero.


Danielle said...

that is so funny. We have a creepy elmo doll too, it would go off at odd hours when his batteries were low. Then his voice was really loowww and deep. Very scary the first time it happens.
I like your hill photo too, even though I hate mash 'tatoes and butter!

Lisa said...

Madeline has a ton of stuff too which includes 2 of her doll babies that have really hard faces...But she insists on bringing them in there!!! LOL!!! Kids are sooooo funny!! They know what they want, right??!

Cindi said...

Glad to hear my brave brother was able to take on a small stuffed toy. Mad props to Mark. :-p