Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Politics & Prayer

I had the privilege, as did millions of others, to witness the "change of the guard" today. Although I did not vote for Obama and am waiting for him to prove himself to the American people, it was an historic moment that I did not want to miss.

As I was watching, there were two things that kept coming to the forefront for me: how privileged we are to live in this FREE country and how amazing it is that our country changes administrations so peacefully.

I was moved by how gracious President Bush and Laura Bush were to the Obamas. I wish our media was just as gracious, but I'm afraid those days are gone.

I was actually moved to tears [and that NEVER happens with this stuff] when the Bushes and the Obamas were standing together before the Bushes left Washington. I wasn't crying for anyone - I think I was crying for our country. I immediately started praying for President Obama and the rest of our leaders. There is so much hanging in the balance for we the people. Not only the economy, but our fundamental freedoms and values. I challenge you to pray for our President and our leaders over the next four years.

On a lighter note, as we were watching the inauguration, Ryan saw the Washington Monument. He turned to me and said, "That's a really big sword, mom!" :)

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Anonymous said...

I saw about 4 minutes yesterday. I got a little weapy watching the Bush's get on Marine 1 and fly away. I am a conservative republican and fear for our country with Obama as its leader. He is going to need a lot of prayers, we all will.