Thursday, March 26, 2009

Backseat Banter

Over the last few weeks, I've been storing up some conversations to share with you.
Evan & Ryan have had these conversations with themselves and with each other in the back seat of the car and I've had the pleasure of eavesdropping.....

R: Why do we have to live so far away from everyone? [in his 3 year old world, driving more than 15 minutes anywhere "takes sooooooooo long."]

E: Some people live in France and don't have any friends.

R: Why?

E: It takes years to get to France.


Driving past the post office where all the cute little blue & white mail trucks "sleep" at night...

E: Look! That's where they make mail!


Listening to my current favorite CD by Shawn McDonald in the car. In the song Beautiful, the words are "Won't you take me, and make me beautiful."

R: I like this song, Ev. It says "Take me and BAKE me ~ he gets fried up."


And lastly, I keep my make-up bag in the car and slap on my pretty face when we're stopped at red lights.

R: Mommy, what are you putting on your eyes?

M: Mascara.

R: Is that chocolate for your eyes?

M: Sort of :)


Kristin said...

This brought a smile to my face today! I think kids say the funniest things but the things that boys say just seem to be funnier.

Cassie said...

So cute! You need to do a layout on that.
I remember last summer driving down to the beach in Delaware. In the distance Nicholas saw a nuclear power plant and he said "Look, Mommy, a cloud maker!"

Danielle said...

Those comments are too cute. How fun that you have them written down so that you won't forget them. I love the fun way little kids' minds work.
Praying and praying for all of you.

motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

Ryan is a trip!!!