Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Day

This past Monday, we were hit with the Nor'Easter and it snowed all day. Evan had off school and I didn't have the kids I babysit, so we were free and clear to go sledding.

Our friends, Rob & Karen, have this awesome hill in their backyard that we've been dying to try for 3! years now. This was the first decent snowfall in that long of a time!

Evan, Ryan, and I headed over while Nathan was napping [don't worry, Mark was working from home...] We had an absolute blast!

Evan had NO fear.....after one time down with me, he was on his own. He LOVED it ~ and didn't complain once about climbing back up the hill. [And it was QUITE a climb ~ it's Wednesday, and I'm still sore - hahahaha!]

Ryan had NO fear either, but that hill was like a mountain to my 3 foot tall little man. He lasted about 3 trips and was content to play at the top of the hill with the other kids.

Once the kids were done, the BIG kids had fun, too. We had a bunch of runs where five of us flew down at the same time. I'm pretty sure that I had more fun than my kids did and I SO needed that!! :) I wish Mark & Nathan had been there to enjoy it, too...

Thanks, Rob & Karen, for a great time!

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motheringmymiraclemultiples said...

We tried to introduce the twins to snow and they wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe next year...oh wait...we probably won't have any snow next year....just my luck....

Glad you had a great time!