Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheap & Easy

This is my mantle....

I cannot take claim for the creativity here. I stole all my ideas from my MOPS crafts coordinator, Karen ~ she is awesome ~ someday, I will dumpster dive with her!!! :) She was kicked out of the Pottery Barn Outlet dumpster once [apparently you're not allowed to actually put to good use something that they have thrown away as trash].

Anyway, most of the stuff you see came from the dollar store!!!!! Yes, I said the DOLLAR store! And the rest of it was pretty inexpensive [read: found around my house, on the beach, or at Walmart]
the greens....$1
the large glass hurricane.....$4
the sand.....$4
the candle plates....$1
the glass votive holder w/wire handle....$1

You can put this look together, too. Just gather various sized glass containers and fill them with sand. Then you can add shells, candles, votives, black & white photos, greens....whatever you want to give it texture and dimension.

I made the glass votive holder with the wire handle. The glass container was a parmesan cheese shaker for $1 at the dollar store [I bought 10]. All I did was get some wire and twist it into a handle and wrap it around the top of the jar. Filled it with sand, plopped in a votive, and it was complete.

Aren't they cute? And super cheap and easy....

I made a bunch and gave one to each of my sisters and sister-in-law on Mother's Day. I'm going to make some more ~ why not? ~ and hang them along my front sidewalk as decoration.

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