Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wordful wednesday

I interupt this regularly scheduled "Wordless Wednesday" for an emergency "Wordful Wednesday."

It has been entirely too long between posts lately and I'm so excited to be spending the evening baking and blogging! It's funny how as I look back at my post counts over previous months, I can gauge the craziness of my life at the time.

Few and far between posts = CHAOS!

And yes, we've had some chaos around here. Nothing earth-shattering, but still chaos...

I had to finish up my grad class, which included a research review paper.
[Insert gagging emoticon here]

Nathan had the stomach bug followed five days later by stomach cramps so severe we thought he had appendicitis and spent 5 + hours at the ER to find out it wasn't. Did I mention that this was the same day my paper was due? Yeah...

Money seems to be flying out of our bank accounts at warp speed lately.

And frankly, I think my hands have been too cold to type. In the coldest spell we've had in a long time [0 degree wind chill], we have not been able to use our heater. Why, you ask? A little problem with MOLD in the ductwork! It's a lovely mess that my wonderful hubby has taken on with gusto. And to the tune of $600, we [read: he] are replacing the fiberboard ducts with aluminum ones. Thank God we have a wood burning stove and a gas fireplace. Even with those and the space heaters in the bedrooms, though, it has been TOUGH to get out of bed in the morning!

Did I mention that this paper was 12 pages long?

Oh, and to top it off, my sinuses have been horrendous [MOLD, perhaps?] including a bulging eardrum which has been painful and annoying.

At work, my colleague is retiring next week and I've been coordinating a surprise retirement breakfast for her this Friday. That's 50 - 60 people plus all the food and drinks we'll need plus collecting money for a gift and putting together a little scrapbook for her.

Yep, life is crazy! :)
Hope you're enjoying crazy, too!

Can't burn my cookies....and in honor of the usual "wordless" post, I'll leave you with this photo...

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