Saturday, June 15, 2013

How I Became The Best End of School Year Mom Ever

Don't let my post title throw you off.

I definitely rival the infamous Jen Hatmaker in her now famous, posted and reposted on Facebook a billion times, blogpost titled "The Worst End of School Year Mom Ever."  

Have you read this post?  If not, you need to click on it right now and go read it.  Go ahead...I'll wait. You might want to grab a tissue because you'll laugh so hard, you'll cry.  

Every. Single. Mom. that I know who has read her post can totally relate to the end of school year, dragging-our-butts-across-the-finish-line feeling.

And I'm pretty sure it's compounded when you are both a mom AND a teacher...  

My kids' sneakers have holes in them.  

Their reading logs most certainly have not been signed on a nightly basis. We've got baseball, people.

Ryan's backpack zipper bit the dust last week.  We safety pinned it and told him not to unzipper it past that point.  Yeah, that worked for like a day.  Then, we resorted to having him carry a reusable shopping bag to tote his things back and forth.  

Any other time during the school year, I insist on the kids eating a good breakfast [read: a bowl of cereal]  They revolted.  And instead of fighting that battle, I let them eat what they wanted.  There were many days in those last weeks that Nathan went to school with only an apple or a banana in his belly.  Evan's breakfast of choice was usually a cheese stick.  I'm sure he was starving by lunch, but I told him that was his choice.  And Ryan...well...Ryan would complain about all the choices and then end up eating a bowl of cereal that "he hated."

And I almost forgot that I needed to [as all super moms do] send in a class birthday treat for Ryan's summer birthday.  I probably could have let it go and Ryan wouldn't have noticed, but with him being the middle child and all, I didn't want to give him more to work out with his therapist later ;)

So, on Thursday night, I emailed his teacher to see if it would be alright to send in a treat on Friday.  Mind you, Friday was the last possible day to send in said treat because it was their last full day of school and I waited until the last possible minute to email his teacher, too.  

Thank goodness for technology!  She responded almost immediately 'That'd be great!'

And then I had to drag my butt off the couch and rummage through the cabinet to see what I could whip up.  I'm such a good planner...

Our school district has adopted a 'Healthy Birthday Treat' policy. Sugary sweet cupcakes and candy are not permitted - you know, because kids are obese and all.  However, snacks such as low fat Jello pudding and low fat ice cream are allowed.  Really?!?  They do realize that more sugar is added to low fat products to make them taste better, right?!?

Anyway, all I had was a banana cake mix and some left over cream cheese icing.  

I decided to throw caution to the wind and break the rules.  Can you hear Beavis and Butthead chanting 'Breaking the law, breaking the law'?  Ha-ha!

I baked those cupcakes, iced them, and even gave them a good dose of rainbow sprinkles. 

Take THAT healthy snack nazis!

Ryan woke up the next morning and was thrilled with his treat.  When he came home [without a single cupcake, I might add], he said his class LOVED them and said they were the best treat ever!

And THAT is how I became the Best End of School Year Mom Ever!

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Kristin said...

Seriously, best post ever. I can't even put into words how happy I am that it is over! Don't even get me started on the healthy snack contradictions. I sent in a vegan pound cake for Colin and his teacher was all like, "that's not healthy." Girl that pound cake had tofu in it, NO ONE eats tofu for fun. It was bangin' but still. Fruit snacks 0, Vegan Pound Cake 1.