Thursday, June 6, 2013

Girls on the Run

Last Saturday, my sisters, Evan, and I were my niece's running buddies for her Girls on the Run 5K.  More like Abby was our running buddy because she could have run circles around us.  Evan was pushing me along and actually had to loop back for me quite a few times.  Love him!

It was a beautiful sunny day that turned hot very quickly.  I made our running headgear so we looked super cute as we sweated our butts off.

Believe it or not, this was my second 5K!  When my mom passed away last year, my sisters, Megan and Jill, and I decided we needed to take better care of ourselves.  We all used a 'couch to 5K' ap on our phones to get us up to speed - literally.  I have never seen myself as a runner in any sense of the word.  I avoided running to train for field hockey back in high school and college and I sure as heck wasn't going to just run for the sake of running!  Well that all changed last year when we all decided this was something we could do.  And unbelievably, I have found that I actually enjoy running and feel so much better about myself when I am regularly running.  

Megan said on Saturday she was wondering what our mom might say about all of us running.  It would either be 'You're all crazy!' Or 'Good for you! I'm proud that you are doing this to take care of yourselves.'  

I like to think it would be a combination of  both reactions. 

My mom would be proud of us but she would definitely think we are crazy! :)

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