Friday, September 7, 2007


Well, the first day of school was a rousing success! Evan got up, ate, got dressed on his own. We drove to school and he wore his "Cars" backpack while we waited outside the classroom door with all the other anxious kids and parents. Evan was really excited and smiley. We took a bunch of pictures, including one in front of his cubby. He didn't want to get a picture with his friend, Hannah from church, so I took one of Hannah and her mom, Tamara. Everything was going smoothly...until I tried to leave. He started crying and of course, even though I tried really hard not to, that made me cry, too. Mrs. Mellinger picked him up and hugged him as I was leaving. It was one of the hardest things for me to walk out the door and leave him.

When I went to pick him up....he was all smiles again. He LOVED it! He played outside, colored a picture, learned some new songs, sat next to his friend, Hannah, from church, had yogurt for a snack - "one girl didn't like her yogurt, mom." Today when I dropped him off, he gave me a hug and kiss, said goodbye and as I was walking out the door, he smiled and blew me a kiss. So I guess that means he likes it :)

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Megan said...

Yeah Evan! You're such a big boy! I'm glad the second day was easier on you both!