Thursday, September 13, 2007

Party in My Tummy

Tonight at dinner, Evan was talking to his plate, saying, "Wanna come?" I didn't realize he was talking to his food until I heard, "O.K., let's go to the party in my tummy!" and then saw him take a big bite. SMILE.

After dinner, Evan was standing at the doorway in the kitchen eating his popsicle. The other two were still strapped into their seats. I was running around trying to clean up when I overheard, "So, fellas, what are we going to do tonight? Sleep?" Not only does Evan say this with a completely straight face, but he's got his legs crossed and he's leaning over to one side, like Mr. Casual. HYSTERICAL.

I don't know if Ryan answered him or not - I know Nathan didn't - but I hope the answer was a resounding YES! Or in Ryan-speak, Eh...

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Megan said...

He is too funny...Mr. Casual, I can just picture him standing there like that.