Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You know you've lost complete control when...

...your 4 year old cuts your 2 year old's hair and you don't think it looks half bad.

...you decide it's a good idea (trust me, it wasn't) to take all 3 children to a lunch at church on Sunday solo (i.e. without hubby). NUTSO!

...you have to brace yourself every time you cough, sneeze, or laugh. Hey, there's more than one definition of the word control.

...your elastic headband that you've been looking for has suddenly turned up, only to find it's been repurposed into a slingshot. "Mommy, watch how far it goes!"

...you visit the dentist like a good little patient at your regular 6 month check-up only to be told by the dental hygenist to lay off the homemade sweetened iced tea (my only, o.k., not my only, my favorite, vice). She also told me I should join a mom's club - DO I LOOK THAT DESPERATE??? This coming from a woman who also told me that her 3 and 4 year old girls go to school 4 days/week and she's looking to add the 5th day because she can't handle them....um....maybe she needs the mom's club....

...you're arguing with your 2 year old about why he can't have a "Big Boy Cup" anymore. (Mommy's really, really tired of cleaning up spilled milk, juice, propel, water, etc.)

...you're driving in the car, YELLING to the cherubs in the back seats, "STOP YELLING!!!" I know, I know, probably not the most effective way to get them to listen, but hey, I was driving.

...you come downstairs for the second day in a row to find your 4 year old and 2 year old standing on top of the antique sewing machine and jumping onto the couch, stripped of its pillows (they were on the floor - hey, I guess they were trying to be safe). Luckily, the only thing that was broken was a picture frame they threw off the sewing machine prior to using it as a launching pad.

...your 10 month old is already throwing food off his highchair tray and onto the floor.

...your feet are sticking to the kitchen floor. (I can't imagine why...)

One of the mentor moms in my MOPS group said someone once told her that her life wouldn't feel "normal" until her youngest was 3. I hope she's right....

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