Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's Roll

This flag was erected shortly after the attacks of 9/11 on an old building along a busy highway near our house. I've wanted to take a photo of it forever, but never felt comfortable stopping on the busy road. SO, I took a drive-by pic ~ sorry that it's a little blurry....

I LOVE the juxtaposition of the American flag and Flight 93's Todd Beamer's famous line, "Let's Roll" against the stone building that was probably built over 100 years ago.

I think it's a wonderful reminder of the foundation that our country was built upon
~ a foundation of an enduring spirit
~ a foundation of freedom FOR ALL
~ a foundation of a government that is OF the people, BY the people,
and most importantly, FOR the people.

When I think of the current climate in our country's capital, it saddens me:
The PR spin that somehow America owes everyone an apology for being a worldwide bully, instead of the champion of freedom that we've always been.

The granting of rights for special interest groups [lobbyists] that threaten to squash the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion for the majority...that threaten the very freedom of personal conviction and belief ~ all in the name of "protection."

The taxation without representation that is being ramrodded through our house and senate without many checks or balances.

I think our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves if they saw the mess our government has made of itself.

As we celebrate America's Independence this weekend with our backyard barbecues and fireworks shows, I hope we also remember how precious our hard won freedom is.

I hope we remember the honorable men and women that stand up and fight for freedom throughout our world as members of the armed services.

I hope we remember the spirit of America.

I hope we can snap out of our complacency and stand up to the ridiculousness in Washington and tell them enough is enough.

I challenge you to become more aware of what our leaders are trying to accomplish. I challenge you to independently research pending legislation. I challenge you to write letters, send emails, and make phone calls to your elected representatives to tell them your opinion.

....[stepping down off my soapbox now]
Have a Happy 4th of July! :) America, let's roll!!!

The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
~ Albert Einstein


Momma Gesswein said...

one hundred percent amen. thank you for posting the truth, not just feelings. Happy independence day!

Anonymous said...

Can you explain taxation without representation? With the exception of residents of the District of Columbia, we are taxes according to decisions made by elected representitives. Not approving of the representitives does not equal no representation.

Amy said...

i believe our representatives are elected to actually [shock] REPRESENT the people of this country and i believe that the current elected officials are out of touch with the AMERICAN people, but yet, have this elite mentatlity that they can do what's best for us. for example, there are numerous polls about the latest monstrous carbon cap and trade bill that show that the majority of AMERICANS disapproved of such a measure. also, polls show that the majority of AMERICANS believe that abortion is wrong, yet our fearless leaders continue to push for more and more of our tax dollars to be used to pay for abortions not only in our country, but in other countries as well. that is what i mean by taxation without representation. our current elected officials do not represent the majority of AMERICANS and continue to grab more and more of our hard-earned money. and notice i'm saying AMERICANS ~ not republicans, not democrats, not conservatives, not liberals ~ AMERICANS.

Liberal scrapper said...

I suppose the right to disagree is just another thing to be thankful for as we celebrate independence day :)
Please direct us to information concerning US tax dollars supporting abortion domestically or internationally. As I understand it, tax dollars aren't even allowed to support most stem cell research because of moral implications.
Also- if representitives are elected by a majority of the people who choose to vote- can't we assume that the voters are electing someone who represents a majority view? I think the bigger issue is that if these polls you mentioned are accurate, the people voicing their opinions in the polls are neglecting to demonstrate their views in elections. A shame if they truly are the majority opninion.

Amy said...

for the first time ever, this past may, more americans considered themselves to be pro-life. see

to read about how our tax dollars are used to fund abortion domestically and internationally, google National Right to Life, Mexico City Policy, and Life News. obama's abortion agenda is laid out pretty clearly at

the poll about the carbon tax was something that was posted on msnbc, i believe. over 5,000 people responded to the poll and 82.5% of those voted no to carbon cap and trade.

i agree w/you, liberal scrapper ~ i'm thankful that we live in this great country where we have the right to voice opposing opinions. i pray that we continue to have this freedom for ALL.

i also agree w/you, that it is ashame if americans don't exercise their right to vote. but i also believe that the people running our government have their own agendas and are not always completely forthcoming about them during the campaign process.

thank you for the healthy debate :)