Friday, July 31, 2009


Our lives [well, o.k.....maybe just mine] have been a little crazy these last few weeks. I have missed blogging, but haven't had the time or energy to sit and type anything.

SO, I've compiled a list of "Life By the Numbers" as a brief recap of what's been keeping me away these last 3 weeks...

0 = number of blog entries :(
18 = hours I spent in an "Early Literacy for Struggling Readers" class
3 = attempts we made to take the kids to Knoebel's Amusement Park for the day
11 = the number of times I ate out [kind of tired of pizza....]
5 = mornings spent at Vacation Bible School
25 = family members who came to celebrate Ryan's birthday
3 = friends who came to scrapbook for the day
9.5 = hours spent scrapbooking with said friends
28 = words in the first Bible verse Ryan memorized [Philippians 2:10-11]
2 = days spent at the beach [one as a family and one by myself ~ thank you, Mark]
4 = interviewers at my most recent job interview
24 = hours between interview and job offer! :) :) :)
23 = days left before school starts
57 = miles of gas left in Saab until empty [not so much!]
1 = angry phone call to Mark to tell him there's something wrong with the car
1 = embarassed phone call to Mark to admit I did, in fact, run out of gas
3 = dollars spent by car salesmen for gas to help me get to a gas station [thank you Family Jeep dealer! :)]
6 = average number of hours of sleep I've been getting every night
7 = hours I'll never recover watching the "most dramatic" Bachelorette season EVER!

I hope to "catch-up" with you soon :)


cassie (one of the 3 said friends) said...

Wow...I'm tired just from reading all that!

Kristin said...

Yeah Amy on the job offer! I'm so excited for you! What a very cool way to list what you have been up to lately. I think that would make a pretty cool scrapbook page :-)

Chrispea said...

Wow, I'm totally exhausted after reading all that. LOL, just saw that Cassie posted the same thing! So, you got the job??? Congrats!!

Momma-of-5 said...

Oh Amy...I feel your pain! I'm still working on the post from our week in CT without Shane...and that was the last week in JUNE! Seriously, where do the hours go? thanks for letting us know you're a-ok. And congrats on the job offer! Nursing, right? Or am I completely wrong about that? How's Mark's job hunt? Been praying...and I'm afraid I may have missed any update!

Have a great night...

Mama Abby said...

You are so creative!...So excited to hear about the job offer...I'm sure it's mixed after being home with the kids, but such a blessing in the Lord's provision...great job getting going with Ryan in Bible memorization:) I will miss you if you end up blogging less because of school, but will enjoy whatever, whenever you share!