Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Evan, the Organizer

A few weeks back, Evan asked me for paper, marker, scissors, and tape and he disappeared upstairs into his room he shares with Ryan. I didn't really think twice about the supplies he asked me for ~ I can trust him to not draw on the walls or cut up his clothes. And any time I can get my kids to entertain themselves for longer than 15 minutes without the aid of an electronic device, I'm thrilled.

[On the other hand, if Ryan had asked me for the same said supplies and wanted to use them in his bedroom, the answer would have been a resounding, "NO!" But I digress...]

When Evan was finished his project, he proudly dragged me upstairs by the hand to show off his masterpiece: he had labeled his drawers and closet.
Blue dresser, top down:
gens [jeans]
sock and udwar [underwear]
and my personal favorite, bjomus [pajamas].

Closet: logsl slevs [long sleeves]

White drawers: short slevs [short sleeves] ~ at least his spelling is consistent :)

Mark & I got a big kick out of this and Evan was so proud of himself.


Chrispea said...

That is really cute. My son loves to clean his room. It is so funny. My daughter is a slob... oh well. 1 out of 2 ain't bad!!

Mama Abby said...

I love's so fun to celebrate these fun, unique things with your does make me look forward to the growing up process when I really want my baby to STAY a baby...