Sunday, February 13, 2011

100th day

Many of the schools in our area make a big deal celebrating the 100th day of school.  There are tons of creative ways to incorporate math and writing activities using the number 100.  Ryan and Evan were excited to finally be celebrating the 100th day of school last Friday since it had been pushed back an entire week due to snow days! 

Ryan came home with several fun things.

1.  His 100th day hat that he turned into glasses.

 2.  A self-portrait of what he'll look like when he's 100 years old.  Not only did he remember the cane, but he also gave himself "rock-star hair."

3. An illustration of what he'd buy if he had $100.  For those of you who can't's a cruise ship. 

4.  And my personal favorite,
what he would and would not like to have 100 of...

He would NOT like to have 100 Christmas trees, but
he WOULD like to have 100 bags of cheese curls! 

LOVE this kid's imagination!  :) 
And his ever-present love of food.....

SO, what would YOU buy with $100???
I think I might just have to go shoe shopping!

1 comment:

Abby said...

Is this just in grade school? B/c I don't remember doing this and I was a high school math teacher! So, so fun!

Ryan looks so much bigger:( and :) because he has to grow up!

And, $100...hmmm...have to spend it on myself b/c if not, well, I'd probably give it away, but there certainly are a list of things I'd love to have like boots, which I'll need in Eastern Europe, and, of course, some cool scarves, and a sweater dress...just to name a couple:)