Saturday, February 26, 2011

this week in numbers

5  people in our family

5  people in our family on antibiotics for strep

3  number of times we've had strep this season

2  more missed days of school

1  call to 911

1  trip to the ER for my hubby

9  hours spent in the ER on uncomfortable chairs

1  visit to the cardiologist for my hubby

4  sleepless nights checking to see if he's breathing

7  loads of laundry

1  school-bought lunch for the boys (surprised it wasn't more!)

208 unpublished book kits awaiting my final check before shipping

2  hours spent planning Read Across America activities (to start Monday!)

2  weeks until PSSA testing

1  billion things running through my mind



1 comment:

Danielle said...

Oh no! I am sorry you have all been so sick, and that Mark had a scary time too. ER trips have been too common around here lately also. Hoping you all feel better soon and Mark checks out ok.