Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, February marks the end of the second marking period in these parts,
 bringing report cards and parent/teacher conferences. 
 Ryan received his very first report card, which was amazing!
And it was no surprise to us how well Evan did either.

I met with Evan's teacher who told me
how bright she believes he is,
how quickly he finishes his work,
how everyone just LOVES him.
I was so proud of him hearing all
these wonderful things.
After all, Mark and I must be doing something right...

And then,
[I should have known it was coming -
heck, I'm a teacher - you tell all the positive things first
and then BAM! hit them with the
"needs improvement" items]
she told me that Evan needs to
work on listening the first time when she redirects him,
work on not trying to be the funny guy
[he gets that from his father, of course],
and work on being a leader, not a follower.

None of this was really much of a surprise,
but we did discuss ways that we would try to
give Evan more opportunities to be a good example
and a leader, because he feeds on praise.

When I came home, Mark and I sat down with Evan
and talked about his school behavior.
I told him his teacher would be asking him to help
 other students who need help with math or reading,
kind of like a tutor.

Then, one of us said he could be like a super hero -

And of course, being the mom of boys that I am,
made a 'toot' sound
was born.

Evan LOVED the idea
and since the conference,
his behavior has been

Let's hope SUPER TOOTER continues to make good choices!!

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Daralynn said...

Too cute! one of my kids favorite jokes: "What do you call a teacher who passes gas when no one is around? a private tutor!" haha, potty humor always wins them over.