Friday, April 25, 2008

5 for Friday

I've been thinking about some of these *IDEAS* for a while now. Just some handy inventions that I could really use -thought it'd be a perfect addition for today...

1. The Voice-Activated Claw - you know, like the one in Toy Story. The one that travels along a track, zips down, and picks something up, travels back and deposits it in the dispenser. Why don't they make these for family vehicles?? It'd be perfect in an SUV or a mini-van. Do you know how many times I could have used this?? Driving down the road and someone calls from the backseat they dropped their ________ [fill in the blank - binky, blanket, cup, toy, book , etc] If I had the VAC, all I'd have to do is say, 'Binky,' and the VAC would do its thing, depositing in the rightful owner's lap. No crying, no pulling over, no reckless driving while trying to fetch said objects [I, of course, don't do that].

2. While we're on the car thing, why don't family vehicles come with an optional soundproof window between the front and back seats? Like the kind they have in police cars or cabs. It is VERY distracting to be driving with a screaming kid in the backseat. Just push a button, the soundproof window is up, and all is well.

3. High-chair Bubble - this one is a collaboration of our church homegroup. Wouldn't it be nice if there were some kind of half dome surrounding the seat of the high chair to collect all the lovely projectiles that fly off the tray?

4. If we can't have the High Chair Bubble, then at least, could somebody PLEASE invent a self-cleaning kitchen floor??? How hard can it be? Haven't we had self-cleaning ovens for like 50 years now??

5. This last one is not an idea. Ran out of them :) But I did want to share my latest scrapbook page - you know, the one that I worked on 2 weeks ago when I said that I was feeling the creative urge? Yeah, it's taken me this long to finally post it. You can call me Queen of Procrastination.

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