Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A New Woman

Finally feeling better today - saw entirely TOO much of my bathroom for the past 5 days with an awful stomach bug. Getting pretty tired of my diet of ginger ale, chicken broth and crackers - YUM!! Thinking of writing a diet plan with only those 3 ingredients because I lost 5 pounds :)

Might not last long though because my first "real" meal tonight was cheeseburgers on the grill and homemade oven fries - Yummy, Yum, Yum! Only thing that would have made that better would have been a homemade chocolate shake, but thought my stomach wasn't quite ready for so much dairy.

Anyway, here's to feeling better after feeling like you've been run over by a truck :)

Hoping to post some pics later this week of our Easter....stay tuned.


Cassie said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Melissa~ said...

Oh Amy, sorry that is the worst. Glad you're past it now! That dinner sounds delish! (and now I'm craving a chocolate milkshake...man.)

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints