Saturday, April 5, 2008

Five for Friday

Thought it'd be nice to start a weekly post where I blog 5 thoughts or events or photos or a combination of any of the three each Friday. Hoping this makes me a better blogger :)

OK, I know, it's Saturday afternoon already, but I've always been late :) Here goes:

1) My baby boy turns 5 TODAY!!! I can't believe that 5 years ago, we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little [or should I say BIG -he was over 10 pounds!] bundle of JOY! This time 5 years ago, our lives were about to change FOREVER, and we didn't even realize - nor would we change - the magnitude of ways that this little man has enriched our lives.

2) We celebrated Evan's birthday at the local moonbounce place with some friends from school and church, family friends, and all his cousins last night. The kids had a blast and it was SO nice to just leave when it was over and not have to worry about cleaning anything up! BONUS!

3) Signs of spring are everywhere around here FINALLY!! We have buds on the trees and some bulbs coming up. Not holding my breath, though - I'm sure we're in for another snow before the end of April. It actually snowed the day we brought Evan home from the hospital.

4) We have survived our first 5 days of "OFFICIAL" potty training with Ryan. By "OFFICIAL," I mean we've got the potty chart for his stickers that he earns and he's all about getting the M & M after going. Even moonbouncing last night - NO ACCIDENTS!! YIPPEEEE!!

5) I have been a serious slacker in my scrapbooking lately - too much time spent on the computer. Feeling the urge to be creative - hopefully, I'll find time to scrap this weekend and post some things that I finish.

6) I'm already breaking the rules, I know....but I promised some Easter pics...

The boys waiting patiently to begin following their trails of Easter eggs to their Easter baskets. Yes, Ryan's jammies are on backwards - Uncle Sean and his girlfriend, Angel, babysat the night before :)

Nathan in his Easter finery.

Evan all dressed up.

Ryan looking so handsome!

Nathan and Cousin Ava looking adorable together.

Love this pic!

Evan, Ryan, and Cousins Abby & Chris on the starting line of the egg hunt...


Megan said...

I love the idea - hopefully you can stick with it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN! It's so hard to believe that you're 5 already, it seems like yesterday you were born!!! Amy - I love the Easter pictures - the boys all looked so handsome!

Kimberly said...

I can't believe even is FIVE!!! This was his golden birthday (turning 5 on April 5th!) I hate that we missed this one! The Easter pictures are ADORABLE! I was flipping thru our pictures from Easter on the airplane yesterday showing off the kids to my friends and random neighbors, ha :)