Friday, November 7, 2008

Five for Friday

FIVE ~ the magic number this week...

1. The number of children that I took with me to the pediatrician's for Nathan's 2 yr check-up on Monday. I promised them a movie when we got home if they were good and they got to watch Nemo (for the billionth time, I'm pretty sure) afterwards.

2. The number of children who tagged along to the polls with me to vote on Tuesday. They were surprisingly well-behaved for the HOUR that we had to stand in line. Only 1 hot chocolate spill....

3. The number of weeks from now when there will be less than 2 weeks left before Christmas. I sat down today and made some lists of things I want to make for gifts. Homemade gifts are better, right? We're trying to save a little money this year.

4. The number of family birthdays we have celebrated in the past month.

5. The number of jumps for joy I did when Mark told me he was coming home on Tuesday night as opposed to Wednesday afternoon . He'd been gone since early Monday morning. :)

Just a quick thank you to all who posted comments on my last post. I never talk politics here ~ maybe I should more often ~ it was the highest number of comments I've ever had on a single post. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me, even when we don't agree.

My only hope and prayer (maybe not the ONLY one, but an important one) is that Obama meant what he said in his victory speech. I pray that he will hear AND LISTEN to the voices of those who did not vote for him. I'm finished now... :)

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Dorinda said...

Hi again Amy :)

I'll add: number of kids I have! At least I can't say the number of kids I had at once...

To answer your question I write fiction - Christian mystery/suspense. I guess it's what I love to do in my "spare" time.