Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Funny Stuff

Conversations that have taken place in our house over the past few days...

We were all laying in our bed on Saturday morning and Mark declared that anyone who was jumping on the bed would be kicked out. Evan jumped on the bed and was thus, ejected. He retreated to the floor. Ryan started yelling [I know, big surprise, right?]

Mark: You can get kicked off the bed for yelling, too.

Ryan continues to be loud.

Mark: Alright, Ryan, you're out of here.

Ryan jumps down off the bed to join Evan.

Evan: Welcome to the Not-Fun Place, Ryan.

Tonight at dinner, we were trying to get Ryan to finish his dinner by telling him it would give him strong muscles...

Ryan: I don't have any muscles.

Mark: Yes, you do. Right here [pointing to his big cheeks]

Ryan: I have big muscles there and [pointing to his head] I have little muscles here.


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Cindi said...

lol. that made me laugh. :)