Tuesday, February 24, 2009

90 Minutes...

....is all it takes for:

* 6 lunches to be made
* 5 children to start eating
* 1 child to sit in time out
* same child sent upstairs for a spanking
* 2 children screaming at each other while mom is dealing with child upstairs
* peanut butter and jelly smeared on the wall in the foyer while mom is upstairs shepherding a child's heart
* lunch cleaned up and treats dolled out
* 5 children bundled up to trek to the bus stop
* 1 child off to school
* 4 children unbundled and "playing"
* 1 other child spanked for hurting someone
* 1 poopy diaper changed while freshly spanked child pulls chair over to the kitchen counter
* 1 brand new bag of pretzels spilled all over the kitchen floor after child is told 3 times to get down off chair
* 1 child is spanked [again] for being disobedient
* 1 mom calls dad at work to vent frustration and is put on hold
* 1 child pushes another child down for trying to get his Legos while mom is on hold
* pushed child hits floor and splits cheek open and probably needs stitches
* 1 hung up phone
* 1 butterfly band-aid and super glue
* 4 children sent upstairs for naps
* 1 worn-out frustrated mommy

The only thing that would have topped this would have been a spilled drink on my just-mopped-this-morning kitchen floor. Thank God for small mercies...

1 comment:

Momma Gesswein said...

just curious is the spanking/shepherding related to one child in particular, or were there multiple children needing the almighty spank? (for some reason when one child is the "evil one" my day is worse...spread the evil over multiple children...I am ok...)